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Days Spent Reading with Pleasure

[Fic][Digimon] Keep Holiding On

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MAR || NanaAl - To be Together
The Place where Mira Throws in Her Random Works

[Fic][Digimon] Keep Holiding On

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Digimon || Takeru - Caged In

Title: Keep Holding On

Author: Faker of Innocence aka unsugared

Fandom: Anime - Digimon 02

Summary: Sometimes, he was just tired of everything. [KenxTakeru]

Rating: G

A/N: Another Digimon fic from me, and now it's my favourite pairing.


Special projects. School activities. Sports.

All of them expected something from him. Not just something, but the best from him. Even though he was no longer the genius like before, there were still people who wanted to see him being the best; wanted to see him fulfilling their expectations.

He was tired.

Haven't he told them that he quit everything? All he wanted to do was to be like any other students his age. He did not want expectations stop him from doing what he himself wanted to do.

He was damn tired of them all.

What he really wanted to do right was to tell them off, to tell them that he had enough of everything, to tell them that he was no longer the genius they expected him to be.

All he really wanted to do now was to tell them to get the hell out of his life.


Ichijouji Ken snapped out of his destructive thought to look upside down into curious, sympathetic blue eyes.

"You're okay? You seemed tired."

Even before he had the chance to answer it, a pair of pale arms surrounded him from behind, and a soft voice whispered into his ear.

"It's alright, just hold on, 'kay? You know that no matter what happens, I'm always here for you."

Ken smiled. Yes, he had a lot of expectations forced on his shoulders, but he did not to worry about that now. With him was the one who also once had the same expectations put on him (well, not exactly the same, but in a way similar), but ignored them and carried on with his way of life.

If the one he loved the most could do it, why can't he?

He turned in the others' arms and rose up his hands to hug the light-coloured youth. And just before their lips met, he said softly, "Thank you, Takeru."


Done! Not only it was the shortest fic I had ever written, I also managed to finish it in less than one hour. Go me!

Inspired by the song 'Keep Holding On' by Avril Lavigne.

Do read and review. Any CC is appreciated!

F.o.I aka goldenneko


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